From one end of the USA to the other…..

HI there.  It’s Kim.  Time to tell you a little about me and my moving experiences.


I’ve been married for 16 years and have moved to 6 different states.  We have lived in Little Rock, AR, Louisville, KY (where I met Angeline), Mandeville, LA (outside New Orleans), Leesburg, VA (outside DC area), Las Vegas, NV and currently in Lakeville, MN.  Whew!  All the while we have created a family of 3 boys whose ages currently are 5, 7, and 10.  We literally fit the definition of cross country movers.

For 18 yrs I lived in the same town in TX and the same house (for the majority).  My parents built their house on my dad’s family farm in 1977 when I was a wee little tot and to this day, they are still there.  Little did I know, God would change my life of steadiness and create an ever-changing lifestyle for me.  I went off to college (ok maybe only an hour from my hometown) but those four years an hour away from home grew me into a very independent gal.  I knew I would never go back to my hometown but I didn’t know where I would go.  When I met my husband I was a senior in college, I knew his dream of a career could possibly take us to many places and I was up for the challenge.  However I did not expect for it to be so rapid!  We married in 1999 and moved to North Little Rock.  We lived there for about 3 years before our first BIG move to Kentucky.kyWe lived the longest in Kentucky (a whole 6 years!).  I  made such great friends who literally became like family to us (ahem….Angeline).  I think it was just that time in your life when all your friends are young married and everyone is creating families and having babies and it just bonds you unlike any other time in your life.  We loved it there.  However, my hubby’s job called us to move to New Orleans.  I wasn’t so sure about it but was up for the adventure.laNew Orleans was full of the nicest people EVER.  It also had the best food EVER!  And it also had the most humidity EVER!  Ohhhh  how summer made me cranky there.  Among all the friends I made there, I met one girl who I felt was just like me and we instantly bonded.  Met her at a random soccer class for my son.  That was God!  He knew just what I needed and when I needed it.  I was a lonely momma of an almost 3 yr old and not quite 1 yr old at the time.  One of the best things about living there is that we were fairly close to family (6 hrs!  Closest we’ve lived from them besides those first 3 yrs when I lived 5 min from my in-laws!)vaAfter two years, next stop for us was the DC area.  Wow did the thought of that intimidate me!  But we found a really cute townhome outside of town (commute wasn’t so fun for my hubby but living was nice).  Inside our little community I met a stay and home mom who had two boys same ages as mine and I was once again blessed with an amazing friend.  Just what this momma of a 5, almost 3 and not quite 1 yr old needed.nv2Two years later S came home joking about a job offer in Las Vegas.  HA – “Never” is what I said.  Funny how God turns your heart around when his plans trump your feelings.  After discovering the benefits of that job, my husband once again came to me about it (serious this time) and I honestly could say I was kinda excited about the opportunity.  Vegas immediately brought on some challenges – like having to live in a hotel for 8 weeks during summer with all my kiddos.  Yeah, moms, you know what I was feeling.  Once we finally got in our home I broke my foot pretty bad.  Yeah another obstacle.  BUT after about a year I had finally felt like I had some normal friends and was staying pretty busy volunteering with my boys’ school and entertaining my 3 yr old at home.  However, I never truly felt at home there.  BUT we did get to see some AWESOME sites of the country living in the West and I wouldn’t trade that opportunity for anything.mnTwo years later….(are you seeing a trend here??), my hubby got the job offer for Minnesota.  WHAT?!?!?  Minnesota?!?!?  If I hadn’t lived in Vegas for the past two years I would have been totally unsure about this move.  But after living way out west, what was way up north?  Why not.  But I wasn’t sure how this southern TX girl would survive winter.  Lo and behold I have survived my first winter and it wasn’t too bad (however most natives here say it was a mild winter – yikes!)  The family life here far exceeds the past few places we have lived and so far I’m enjoying it quite nicely.

Are you tired of reading about all my moves yet?  Well let me tell ya – as a mom, it’s got to be the toughest for us of anyone in our family.  It’s hard not to worry about your kids, their new schools, would they make friends, where you will live when you get there, temporary housing, and everything in between.  Not to mention leaving friends that took you time to develop and trying to start all over again and again and again.  I’m not gonna lie….it’s HARD.  And gets even harder and tougher with every move.  You just get tired of doing it.  BUT…..I know that it’s a MUST if you want to be happy and call your new place “home”.  And everyone knows….if momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.  Your attitude truly does influence your kids.  I really feel like my kids have transitioned so well with each move because of mine and my husband’s attitudes toward each and every move.  We create an exciting adventure with each place.  They also see me first hand putting myself out there and meeting new people everywhere we go in our new location.

So take heart momma.  You too will get through it.  My philosophy is it takes a good year to feel comfortable in a new place.  Pray that God can give you the strength you need to be the very best for your family and the courage you need to put yourself out there to meet new people.  It will get better if you are willing!