When It Rains, It pours


You may have seen in the news or on Facebook (always a reliable source of information) that the Houston area is dealing with record breaking flooding.  Although our home is safe and undamaged, many are not.  Roads are flooded everywhere around us.  This is day 2 of no school for my kids.  Yesterday, we treated it like a snow day up north minus the fun snowman building and hot chocolate.  I pretty much let the girls be lazy with a few extra chores thrown in for good measure.  This was much needed as neither my husband or I got much sleep the night before as we moved the girls downstairs into our room at midnight when the tornado warning was issued.  We hung out in the living room keeping an eye on the storm until the tornado warning had passed.  Things that I only pretend to know about were beeping on and off all over the house!

However today is Day 2 and this mom is faced with the challenge of keeping 2 of her kids busy but quiet while one of my daughters still has a home day of school (she attends an university model school so while her sisters are normally at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she does school at home with me).   So while she is taking a math test, I gave work assignments to the others.  They were thrilled.  Not really.  But let’s pretend.  So first thing I did was to text Kim for ideas.  Brilliant Kim said my oldest, who is a phenomenal writer, should write a blog post.  So that’s what I made her do.  And yeah, this does not fall into her most awesome work but hey, she did it!  Ladies and Gentleman….our first guest post….. my 13 year old daughter!





Moving was never my thing.  I have always hated leaving my cozy home to go to a place where it seemed like aliens lived. It was always stressful, especially when I was younger. Here are some of the highs and lows of moving as a child, and how you can make it so much more fun for your kids.

Things Kids Love

  • The New House- As a kid, I often loved to play hide-and-seek and explore all the crevices of my house and back yard. When you move into the new house, there are so many things to explore.  If your kid is anything like me and loves to explore, you should let them roam for a little bit. It will help run off any steam and stress from the move and forget the the stressful situation moving can be.
  • New People– When my sister was younger, she could literally walk up to anyone and start a conversation about the color of their shoes.  Most kids are very outgoing when they are little, so when they’re surrounded by new people, they’re going to make new friends. It helps best if you go meet your new neighbors and say hi.  There could be some kids that your child hits it off with from the very beginning.

Things Kids Hate

  • Leaving Old Friends– When your kid loves new people, this often isn’t that big of a problem. When I moved, I hated leaving my friends. It’s always been hard for me to make friends, so this is one of the hardest aspects of moving. There is nothing a parent can do directly to help a kid make friends.  Instead, be encouraging to your kid and make them feel good about themselves.  Don’t try to change them so they’ll make friends easier, it’ll just blast right back in your face.
  • New Climate– One of the worst moves I had was when I moved from Indiana to Georgia.  It was a very long drive and I had no idea what to expect.  When I moved, it was steaming. I had never experienced such heat ever before in my life.  Again, parents can’t do anything but be prepared.  Try buying  clothes meant for the climate before you move so you’ll be prepared and won’t have to rush out to the store during a huge heat wave or blizzard.