DIY Crate Shelves

First thing first….what have I been doing?  I did not realize that I have written only one blog post this year!  I swear I have written a dozen or so in my head.  Sorry Kim! She has been doing all the work this year.  Kim wrote last week about one of her favorite DIY projects…her entry way.   I have a three picture frame in my guest bathroom (the one that Kim and I redecorated in her surprise trip to visit a few years ago) that holds pictures of iconic places where I have lived.  I love it!  Definitely an easy and meaningful project that even I could do!


Louisville Slugger, GE sign in downtown Fort Wayne, the “Big Chicken” in Marietta.

It is my turn to link up to Kelly’s Korner with one of my recent DIY projects.  Although most of my DIY projects involve me looking on pintrest and then my awesome hubby doing the work.  This project was something we had talked about for awhile and he did for me over Christmas.  I collect cookbooks – old cookbooks, new cookbooks, cookbooks from where I have traveled, cookbooks from where I want to travel, and of course cookbooks from where I have lived.  In my current house, I have been storing my cookbooks in our large pantry and one a bookshelf at my desk.   As the collection grew, it was taking over my precious pantry space!  My other issue that this project solved was that I had some small area by my kitchen table that I could not find the right items to decorate.  With the position of the windows, and it being in the corner, I just could not find anything that I was happy to put there.

We tossed around a few different ideas, but what we finally decided on was quick, easy and budget friendly.  We simply bought crates from Home Depot (can be found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and several other places) and turned them into shelves for my cookbooks.

My husband lightly sanded the crates and then stained them a natural color.  The color looks a bit yellow but works well as 1) yellow is my favorite color, 2) the color brings out the lighter color in the rattan kitchen chairs against the dark table.


Trial Run before painting kitchen area.


Kitchen area after being painted Sherwin Williams Silvermist and before shelves.

Here is the finished project!  I love, love these crate shelves!  Easy and super functional!  I have regained an entire shelf of my pantry back and have filled the awkward corner space with one DIY project!





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