Yes to Life, No to Distractions

busynessOnce you move there’s tons of projects to keep you busy around the house.  But a move is also a GREAT time to prioritize your life and make changes to an overwhelmed schedule.  Your previous “home” may have had so much “busy-ness” that you never truly felt like you had time to breathe.  Kids were in a million activities, you volunteered for everything at school and church, your hubby had several recreational sports leagues he was involved in after work and you felt like you were in your car more than your house.  A move can change a lot about how you view life.

I blogged a little about loneliness last month.  Life is much slower after a move due to the sheer fact of not knowing anyone.  However, this can be a great time to re-evaluate what’s important to you and your family.  Need more time together?  Decide what could be eliminated from your previous life before the move.  Yes it’s a great idea to get the kids signed up for stuff so you they can find friends….but remember….it’s also a commitment.  Do you want to live life in the car again?   Volunteering on the school PTA is a good way to meet people and help out the school.  But were you at the school more days than you were at home during the week?  Did household duties get put on the back burner because you had to volunteer for the school for 2 hours?  Serving in the church is such a great investment of your time, but was it drawing you away from worshipping with your family too much or keeping you from growing in the Word through corporate worship?   All of these examples are well and good and I’m not saying you should quit doing them.  (I’m guilty of doing them all!)  But, just use this time of “aloneness” to re-evaluate why you did all those things.  Don’t just jump into the same scenario you were back at your last place of yesI always say it takes a good year to feel comfortable in your new surroundings.  I’m approaching my one year mark in MN next month.  I’m also getting to know more people and being asked to join this and that.  I’m really starting to struggle with the purpose of each activity.  I want to give my best YES to those things that I feel led to do and have the courage to say no to the things I feel may just be distractions in my life to my overall mission.  What is my mission…..I’m not real sure but I do know that I want to shine a light to the people around me.  I have to know and live out the gospel in order to do this, and if any of my activities prevents me from doing so then it is a distraction and must be put on the back burner.   Satan can use the little things in life to distract us….don’t let him win.



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