Bucket Lists

fall bucket listAhhh….fall is in the air.  That means apple pickin’, pumpkin patches and the beautiful changing colors of the leaves.  We are excited to experience fall in Minnesota and all the fun things fall has to offer this year after living in the desert the past few years.   I’m telling ya – this southern girl never really knew what fall had to offer until we lived in Kentucky.  WOW – the southern US just doesn’t truly know fall!   We’ve already started our to-do list before the snow rolls in.  One of the fun things about moving is getting to experience all your new surroundings.  We joke about creating our “bucket list” for each place we live.  We seriously create one mentally and hope we can make it through most of it before we move again.  HA!  BUT, it really makes moving somewhere new….well….. exciting.bucketlistNo matter where you move, there’s new things to experience and new places to explore.  Do you research.  See what tripadvisor.com advises for places to visit in your area.  Watch local news shows.  Ask around.  Seek out those new friends/acquaintances and see what they like to do with their family. ( Ahem….that makes for a great conversation starter all you introverts out there! ) Finding all these gems make you really appreciate your new home even more. Never in my life did I think I would experience ice fishing.  BUT you know what?  We found out about a free event for kids and families to ice fish through the parks and rec department for our city and we decided to go.  We got to experience something WAY out of our skill set, found out what all was involved in this “sport”, and most of all made great memories!  (However I can tell you now that I don’t think ice fishing is for me)  That’s what most of our bucket list items do – create valuable memories for us and hopefully for our boys.  We want them to remember all the great things each place has offered to us while we lived there. From Mardi Gras parades to the national monuments to the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving, our hope is that our boys remember these special places as a family. So, make it a point and create a bucket list.  If it’s in driving distance – put it on the list.  You never know what kind of awesome things you will find in your new city/area.  But most of all you will create some really great memories!


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