One is the Loneliest Number

Hi all!  Sorry I’ve been MIA.  School just started last week up here in the North Pole and you know how busy that keeps you.  Plus I started a small work from home job that has kept me busy training and learning the ropes.  Can I just say how weird it feels when all your kids go to school?  This is the first time in a decade I have not had a child at home during the day with me.  It is soooo quiet and I feel like it can get downright lonely if I don’t keep busy.

Thus the reason I am writing this post today.  I am reminded about how life is for a stay at home mom (or any mom for that matter) right after a move.  I am gonna tell you now that it is inevitable that you will feel lonely at some point after a move.  ESPECIALLY if you have moved far away from family and friends that you have always had in driving distance.  I don’t feel like my hubby gets it, he goes to work and is around people everyday.  I’m struggling as an older mom to find other moms to be friends with in this world of busyness.  But I’m here to tell you that loneliness is something you can overcome quickly if you focus your mind on the right things.  I want to encourage you not to go down the path of loneliness because it will pull you further and further into a sadness pit that will turn into ugly bitterness and resentment that you moved in the first place.

I’m not saying you can’t have your pity party.  You’re going to have your days and when you do I would highly encourage you to have ONE friend that you can go to or call and vent. But make sure that friend will encourage you and not “fan the flames” on the loneliness fire.   Mine is Angeline.  We have shared many phone calls after moves where one of us cries out of loneliness.  But I know that when I call Angeline, she will encourage me and I will feel totally better.  psalm139I would also encourage you to read Psalm 139.  This psalm tells all about God knowing all the intricate parts of you. It says in verse 10 “your hand would guide me, your right hand takes hold of me”.  I just envision God holding my hand leading me in every way of life.   And you know what…… God moved you for a particular reason.  But you know the best part?  You’re not alone if you have Jesus in your heart.  He’s there even when you feel lonely.  He knew where you were going in life and lead you the whole way.  He got you there and now he will help you through the battle of loneliness.  You may never realize why God moved you to where you are but you should remember that there are no coincidences and this is God’s plan for you.  We are all called to missions in this life and maybe….just maybe….this is yours.  Go and find out and live it!  God will give you the confidence to meet people and make friends.  Maybe that new neighbor may really need a friend like you right at this time.  Or your paths will cross with a person who really needs your help/guidance or vice versa.  Whatever the purpose God has for you, be a light to the dark world around you in this new city.  go liveSo pity party time over….put your big girl boots on and go LIVE and shine your light around everyone you come in contact with.


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