Hey!  I’m so happy to be back to blogging after a few weeks of back to school craziness!  My kids started back to school yesterday (and my husband started a new job).  It will take a few more weeks for the transition to smooth out and our school routine to be back in order.  But I still wanted to take a moment to blog for a bit if even not about much.  Kim is the queen of back to school awesomeness, so I’ll let her take the lead on the back to school blogging and I’ll just add my two cents. However, sweet Kim still has a few weeks before her boys are actually back to school.  Let’s all stop now and say a prayer for Kim getting through these last few weeks with three energetic boys.

With three kids going back to school, I felt like I spent the greater portion of the past month and a whole lot of money shopping.  Of course there are the school supplies but with three girls, there was also clothes, shoes, more shoes, more clothes, band supplies, uniforms, school lunch items, and teacher happy gifts.  By the way, Kim made it super easy for me this year and 2 of my girls already did this….


This past weekend, I bravely took to the roads in an effort to get everything finished up before school started on Monday.  I insisted that I do this without the kids as I knew it would be busy.  I headed to the Portofino Shopping Center as it had a couple of stores that I had to visit for last minute items for school.  After I paid off my daughter’s clarinet (holy moly, instruments are expensive!), I stopped into Bath and Body Works.  This is where the Confessions title comes in to play.  I think I have a problem.  It is a candle problem.  Listen, I can say no to most things, but a pumpkin scented candle from Bath and Body Works…not a chance.  I knew they were on sale and I just happened to have a 20% off coupon with me.  I was in and out of there quickly, but the bottom of my shopping bag looked like this…


That’s right, they have special candle packing supplies for people like me which just goes to show you that I’m not alone.  And honestly, this was a small candle purchase for me.  The reason for it is that I knew I had plenty of candles waiting for me already.  Apparently last year I over bought during my great pumpkin candle purchase.  I wanted to make sure I had room in my candle cabinet for my purchases.  Yes, I have a cabinet for my candles.  About a year and half ago, Kim came for a visit and she helped me redecorate my powder room and entry way.  She was with me when I bought a cute little dresser/cabinet that holds a tray for my keys, sunglasses and no less that 15 hairbands (remember I have 3 girls!) and chapstick.  What Kim didn’t know until now is that it also became my candle cabinet.  My girls love taking turns picking out which scent we are going to enjoy next.



Now besides making you want a pumpkin scented candle, what does this have to do with anything, especially moving?  Here is the deal…almost every day during the school year, I wake up at 5:30am or 5:45am and start my day.  I pray, and do a devotional and then I move to the kitchen just long enough to turn on the lights and light a candle before I head upstairs to make sure my daughter is up and getting ready for school.  I then come downstairs and get started on breakfast and school lunches.  When I am home for the night, I light a candle.  It helps my house be a home.  My friends come over and they expect me to have a candle lit in the kitchen because they know me.  Is it a big deal?  Nope.  But do my girls like knowing that mom is home and they have a safe place to come talk to her?  Yes.  It’s like the old Motel 6 slogan, “we ‘ll leave the light on for you.”



For some people, baking a special treat for the kids, or a roast in the crockpot gives them warm and fuzzy feelings (and we know sense of smell is powerful for memories).  You may do seasonal decorations on your counter every month.  Growing up, my friend had a neighbor with a decorative goose on the front porch and they changed the outfit on the goose with the season or weather.  We loved looking to see what the goose was wearing!  These are just little things that signal to your family and friends that you are making a home.  In the above picture, I angled it just right so you couldn’t see the sink full of breakfast and dinner dishes.  There are good and bad days, but everyday, I want my house to feel like home…preferably with a lovely candle scent.





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