Teacher “Happies” – Back to School Ideas

crazyIt’s the most wonderful time of the year – Back to School time!  I kid.  Ok, not really.  By August, we are done with summer.  My boys need the structure and honestly I need the peace.  All three of my boys will be in elementary school this year.  And wow – the school supply list is CRAZY.  I mean we only need to buy 45 glue sticks and 144 pencils (sharpened mind you – won’t that be a fun chore for the boys one afternoon). My kindergartener alone needs 15 glue sticks.  You may think that number sounds absurd but any mom knows how much glue a 5yr old can use in a week.  So I totally get it and will gladly contribute.

Along with school supplies, I love to add in a little something for the teachers.  As you get to know me and this blog, you will realize that I love to appreciate teachers.  They don’t get enough credit.  These people are with my children more during waking hours  during the school year than I am and they don’t get paid enough.  Plus most of them use their own funds to help stock their classroom with supplies.  When it comes to the new year, I like to wait until the end of the first week to give my teachers a little “happy” (I had a friend in college who referred to little unexpected gifts as “happies” and that’s the term I love to use).  I wait till the end of the week because, well I don’t want my kids to appear as a “brown noser” the first day of school.  HAHA!  No really, that first week is  a long week for everyone!  Waiting until the end of it really gives the teacher a little pick me up.  A little smile is just what they need.  Here’s some examples of what I’ve done in the past.

Have a Ball
I spray painted Mason jars and then scratched off on the raised up lettering on the jar.  The free tag printable can be found over at lil’ luna

Smart Cookie
I bought a fortune cookie box at the Dollar tree and filled it with homemade cookies.  Then attached a tag printed on patterned cardstock. Little Happy for the Teacher - cookies! The tag says Angeline played on the cookie theme that same year but she had a local bakery that made apple shaped iced sugar cookies.  She put in cellphane bags with this same tag.  It was super cute but I can’t find the picture.

Bright Year
This idea was fun but it did cost a little more.  I bought several neon colored school supplies and fun things and put into a neon bag.  The tag read “looking forward to a bright year”.  A free printable of the tag can be found over at Surfin’ Through Second.1409270061656

Another Bright Year Idea
I love this idea and plan to use it in the near future.  What teacher couldn’t use more highlighters or bright sharpies?  You can find the printable tags at the TomKat Studio
bright school year

Pencil Jar
I guess I love a jar of pencils because here’s another version (clearly 144 just isn’t enough for me to buy).  Target had these great jars in their dollar spot this year.  I took a paint pen and wrote the teachers name.  Then added a free printable tag from iheartnaptime.  Apparently, I was not the only blogger out there that saw these great finds at Target.

My friend from Vegas (and my partner in crime for PTA stuff) always has great ideas that don’t cost a lot of money.  Our PTA there did a little dollar something for each teacher for their birthdays throughout the year.  Here’s her idea for this year which could totally be changed to the new school year.  Tag could read “Hope you have a tea-riffic school year”
Teachers aren’t the only ones who need encouragement at the new school year.  So do administrators, parents and your own kids!  The best way to provide that for all these people is to pray for them.  AND that doesn’t cost you a dime!  I found this cool idea over at Faith Along The Way.  She provides a list with specific things you can pray for each day.School supplies bottom border on a chalkboard background

It doesn’t take much to appreciate or encourage a teacher.  I will gladly spend the extra time and the $3, in addition to the 45 glue sticks and 144 pencils, to put a smile on 3 very deserving teachers’ faces!


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