Weekend Randomness take 2

First, a huge thank you to everyone checking out our blog from Kim’s Facebook post.  We are working on our FB blog page.  Last week Kim posted her weekend randomness post about some of her favorite current finds.  I’m doing the same today!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Listen, this is your chance to buy fall and winter items BEFORE the season begins at great sale prices.  Very helpful if you A) moved to a new climate and need new stuff or B) live in Texas and would like a reminder that you will in fact need something besides tank tops and flip flops.  And by the way, these are not affiliated links or anything fancy.  Just plain old links to help my shopping challenged friends out – Kim does not fit in this category.  Last year I bought a new winter coat and it hung in my closet for months!  But I liked knowing it was there and on the ready for that big winter storm…or a visit up North.  This year I’ll be wearing that coat when I visit Kim in Minnesota.


We are trying to eat better around here including more fruits, veggies, lean protein and less sugary treats.  We let the girls have one sweet treat a day and usually popsicles win.  I often offer them a popsicle to get them out of the pool so I can dry them off enough to reapply sunscreen.  Well Steve and I have rediscovered the yummy goodness of fudgsicles!  Only 40 calories and just a bit of chocolately sweetness after dinner.


So one area that Kim and I differ and well actually, an area that I am different from a lot of my close friends is that I am certifiably cat crazy.  There, I said it.  I have always been a cat person.  And I certainly wasn’t born into a cat crazy family.  But my mom loved me so she learned to tolerate my love of cats.  We currently have three cats – our senior cat that is our “first baby” and a pair of cats from the same litter we adopted two years ago as fuzzy little kittens.  I would gladly take in every stray cat and even foster casts for the local shelter but that would be very bad for my marriage and friendships.  But if you are currently looking for a pet I urge you to check out your local animal shelter.  This is prime kitten season and I know the shelter here is overflowing!  All three of our cats are rescues.  If you stick around this blog (and I hope you do!) and if Kim will allow me…you will continue to hear about the antics of Avery, Cotton and Henry.

Have a great weekend!




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