Weekend Randomness

Ok, so here’s a break from all this moving talk.  A girl needs to share her favorite recent finds with all of blog world.  HA!


Target has a new flavor of Talenti gelato:  Coconut Chocolate Chip.  Run, I repeat, run to the nearest Target and buy this.  You will not regret it.  Oh and don’t bother trying to find this flavor at any other store….as the container says “only at Target”.  Oh my word I have to stop myself while eating this yummy little summer treat.

Wayward-PinesOne thing that’s bad in the summer is TV scheduling.  There always seems to be a lack of good programming.  My hubby and I watch one hour of tv together most nights so we choose our shows wisely.  My favorite series has been Mad Men.  Aside from some language and other interesting things, I think it does a fantastic job depicting each and every decade.   BUT…since I’m still waiting on the last little season to come on Netflix, we have found other options.  This “miniseries” on FOX has been really good.  It’s a short series with a beginning and an end in about 10 episodes.  It’s called Wayward Pines starring Matt Dillon.  This series was produced by M. Night Shyamalan.  That’s the same guy that did movies like Signs and The Village.  If you like that weird style, you will like this series.

Since we are in the midst of summer, that means fresh corn on the cob is everywhere and cheap. Fresh corn here in Minnesota is like fresh shrimp from in the gulf in New Orleans.  There are folks on the side of the street selling the stuff.  Y’all get this….corn is so big time here they even have corn drive thrus at the market!   I LOVE some fresh corn but I hate the shucking.  I don’t mind the shucking as much as the little silk pieces that just seem to stay glued to that delicious corn.  It’s such a pain.  Well, no more sisters!  I have found the BEST way to cook fresh corn on the cob.  I saw this little video on Facebook and didn’t give it much thought (thinking it probably didn’t work).  However, one day I tried it and by golly it worked!  All you do is microwave for 4 min per ear of corn (with shuck on).  Take out and cut off the root end with a knife and then squeeze the ear right out.  It comes out silk free and ready to gobble up.  Here’s a short 20 sec video from Simply Recipes if you need the visual.

One last thing I’ve discovered this summer….Minnesota summers are THE BOMB and I really enjoy biking!
bikeThere’s so many trails and parks here to take advantage of with my boys.  My man got me a bike back in May – I haven’t had a bike since I was a kid.  And even then, I only rode in our pasture or our gravel drive way.  I had no idea what road biking was like until now.  I feel like a kid again!  So, if you don’t have a lot of ideas of things to do this summer….go get a bike and be a kid with your kids!

Any recent favs you want to share??


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