What’s in a name?

Moving Beyond the Boxes – “Are you all unpacked?”  A simple question that could be answered with a simple yes or no.  However, even though having all the boxes unpacked after a move is a vital step, by no means is it the end of your move journey.  For many women, especially moms, it is just the beginning of the toughest work.  When you move, even if only across town to a new neighborhood, you must build new relationships.  You may also need to let old relationships go, or at least they will change, some drastically.

Some moves are like hostile takeovers while some moves are welcomed, dreamed about homecomings.  But all moves are journeys full of change, welcomed or not.  Kim and I have moved several times and now recognize the cycle for us and most women.  There are phases.  Some last for minutes, days and some last for months.  The good news is that we know what’s coming and can point it our (with grace) to each other.  For example, every move has a pity party phase.  It is the phase where you cry, you get mad, you may even blame your well intentioned husband for ruining your life.  Just sayin.  Anyway, this phase has a purpose.  But it need to have a short time frame!During our last move, I was pleasantly  surprised that our new church had a group for ladies who recently moved into our area ( a very transient area).  It allowed me to meet other ladies from the area who were also new.  It also became a great resource for referrals and almost a support group of sorts.  But at the heart of the group was a book by Susan Miller, “After the Boxes are Unpacked.” The author has survived many, many moves and had a heart for others going through moves (sound familiar, Kim?).   She outlines the move process with funny stories, bible verses and great ideas).  If you are in the process of a move, I would highly recommend you check it out.  Also look to see if any churches in your area have a similar group.

It is our hope that you will “Move beyond the boxes” and really see your move for what it is…a journey, a fresh start, maybe a second chance for your marriage and/or family, but always an adventure and an opportunity to grow!


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