My Turn…from Texas

Yay!  My first blog post from Texas!  My name is Angeline and I am proud to say I’m Kim’s BFF.  The funny thing is that Kim and I were not BFFs when we lived and socialized together in Louisville, Kentucky.  But we will get to that part later 🙂

I am the blessed wife to Steve and momma to three amazing daughters.  It is fair to say that what my life looks like today was never in my plans.  But I’m thankful that God gave me a sense of adventure and always put the right people in my path at every stop.  And when I say every stop, I’m not just using some cute saying from a Hobby Lobby sign, I mean stop in a journey through 5 American states and a few years in Australia.  We have been living north of Houston, Texas for the past 4 years.  I think we will be here for awhile…but I go wherever my hubby’s job takes us and that’s up to God.  That’s just how we roll around here!

Ok, that last sentence made it sound like I’m an easy going free spirit.  Not quite so.  However, I have moved several times under various conditions.  I am a Work In Progress.  But, I have learned so much and seriously do not regret any move.  Lets just say I have an unexpected skill set in relocating.  I’m really good at it.  I love the challenge of it.  I have issues because of it!  But it all helped in growing me as a person, as a wife, a mom, a friend and planted the idea for this blog.

All of this moving has given me a truly unexpected but incredible friendship with Kim.  Listen, Kim and I are so much alike yet so very different!  Our friendship grew out of a mutual life situation.  We met at church, started to share the same social circle, then we both moved.  We both had two young kids at the time and husbands that were busy with new jobs.  We had tears.  We had laughs.  But most importantly, we had each other by way of phone call, email or text.  It didn’t happen over night, but at some point, we became “the person” for each other.  The person who you can say ANYTHING to and she won’t judge you.  She will help you.

Now our friendship can be quite serious at times, but it is also fun and silly! And now with this blog, you can get in on our seriousness and our silliness.  Plus, Kim is a crazy good DIYer that you can learn from (I do!).

I’m really excited to share with you so many things.  Kim and I want to come along side anyone who is thinking about, in the process of or recovering from a move.  There really is life beyond the boxes.


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