Welcome to Moving Beyond the Boxes!

moving themes [url=http://www.istockphoto.com/my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=5013015][img]http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w171/manley099/Lightbox/moving.jpg[/img] [/url] [url=http://www.istockphoto.com/my_lightbox_contents.php?lightboxID=5481886][img]http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w171/manley099/Lightbox/flame.jpg[/img] [/url]Hi!  Let me introduce you to our brand new blog idea.  My name is Kim and my BFF is Angeline.  We have both moved across the country (and internationally) several times in our marriages.  Moving is so much more than just the boxes!  We know first hand what it’s like as a wife/mom and the feelings and emotions associated with moving.  Angeline brought up the idea of a blog to me a few months ago.  I will admit, I half-heartedly felt the desire to do a blog.  However, God has recently revealed to us, through different circumstances, a ton of reasons as to why we NEEDED to do this blog.

This blog is not meant to focus only on us.  We are imperfect people.  But God uses ORDINARY people all the time.  We truly feel like our experiences can help those out there to experience the wonderful grace of Jesus.  So many negative circumstances and emotions can occur during a huge life change such as a move (believe me we’ve experienced several). However, we can CHOOSE to look at the mud in all our circumstances OR we can look to the stars for our help and guidance.  No matter how Angeline and I have handled a “crisis” in our lives, God’s grace has always been there to pick us up and help us through it.  Ultimately, we must take control of our minds and our attitudes in order to be content in whatever circumstances God places before us.  So maybe, through our stories and advice we will share, you can be encouraged.  The way you handle your “big life change” is watched by everyone around you.  You can be a living example of God’s grace or you can choose to look at the mud and miss out on all God has in store for you in your new place.

I can’t tell you how much Angeline and I have encouraged each other along our many moves.  Without each other we may have gone down that dark and dirty muddy path.  But instead we have helped each other look up to the One who orchestrated it all.  Moves can be hard but they can also be exciting.   So, follow us as we share about life – the ups and the downs – and what we can do to overcome the ugly side of moving and move beyond the boxes!  Along the way we will also share about our lives, parenthood, fun crafts and recipes and maybe even some design tips and tricks for resale (we know a little about that too!).  We are just two ordinary girls who God brought together as friends and has grown it into so much more.  We are excited for this new adventure!     Stay tuned to find out a little more about each of us!

***Credit for “mud vs stars” analogy came from a book I’ve been reading by Linda Dillow called Calm My Anxious Heart


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